Sachee from Sri Lanka

Food as a value system

Sachee Ranaweera has a strong passion for teaching and guiding individuals to become their best selves. In 2022, she immigrated to Canada with the intention of becoming a teacher and has a long-term goal of improving the education system in her home country of Sri Lanka. Sachee has also observed significant differences in food cultures between the East and West, which reflect distinct values and beliefs. She is a Sheridan TESOL Plus graduate and is currently a teacher in the ESL program.

Home Is Where My Father Is 

I left my home at the hospital 

The day my father died. 

They said, 'let’s go home,' leaving him behind 

And I wondered what that would be like. 

Grandparents and mother, school friends and studies 

Were my home until the war was done. 

Amidst the death threats, violence and fear 

I had a home that was safe and secure 

Where laughter and tantrums were welcomed with love 

Sleepovers with friends were important 

It was later that I knew my home was incomplete 

For my father was away for 18 years. 

He came home after fighting a war that was brutal 

Tattered with bruises in his soul 

He survived a war and a tsunami that devastated my land 

But one day his heart gave away

So I left my home at the hospital that day

Too many have left scars on my soul

I carry my home now in my heart, in the people I love 

Until one day I'm called to my eternal home. 

Sachee Ranaweera (Sri Lanka)