Ruba from Jordan

The old town

Ruba Kallab, a Sheridan TESOL Plus program graduate, immigrated to Canada from Jordan with her spouse and six children almost four years ago. She has a passion for dancing, particularly Dabke, a lively traditional line and circle dance with roots in Jordan, Middle Eastern culture, and Bedouin tribes. Ruba is now a teacher in the ESL program at Sheridan College.

Where I am from 

I am from Jordan and its Dead Sea, Mount Nebo and Petra 

I am from the Kallab family whose last name refers to their generosity and compassion 

From Falafel, Humus, and Mansaf with scrumptious lamb meat, fermented yoghurt sauce and rice 

I am from snorkeling, rafting, and from hiking in Wadi Rum, but beware of wild mice! 

I am from refusing misconceptions and misrepresentations some mass media try to entice 

From " to be is to do," the motif of all the people who thrive to survive 

I am from so many reminiscent memories, like jumping ropes, playing charades,  

That I always want 

to revive. 

Ruba Kallab (Jordan)  


Petra, Jordan
man in black shirt standing in the middle of brown rock formation during daytime
man in red shirt sitting on brown rock near brown concrete pillar during daytime